I have dressed in military combat uniform in fight to expel invaders, says Huddun Deputy Mayor


The deputy mayor of Hudun civic council in Sool region Cllr. Abdinasir Abdiqadir Gure has been categorical that they will defend the country from the Puntland militias and the terrorist fighters who have invaded the region.

The councilor, who was speaking the media earlier in the week, indicated that he was joining the fight with the allied militias in the city of Lascanood.

Cllr. Abdinasir Gure who was dressed in military combat uniform pledged his readiness in taking part in the defense of his country to free it from the allied Puntland militias and terrorists.

He said, “My duty is clear and I am contented with my decision hence ready to die for my country in the task of securing our national borders”.

He added, “I have dorned this military combat dress to join the forces who have been steadfast in securing national peaceful stability within the borders”.

He lauded the efforts of the national armed forces in combating the unholy alliance of Puntland backed terrorists.

He lauded the Head of State and the military chiefs for their onslaught in expelling the invaders and called for support to rally behind them in the focus on pacification, stability and securing the integrity of the national borders.


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