Hargeisa Water Agency chief says that Water should not politicized


The members of the House of Representatives approved the 2023 annual government budget by a majority vote in their session on Tuesday 29th of November 2022.

Of the 65 MPs in attendance, 55 MPs voted for the approval of the budget while six MPs rejected it, and four remained silent.

The annual budget for 2023 is 3,581,440,706,340, (three trillion, five hundred and eighty-one billion, four hundred and forty million, seven hundred and six thousand and three hundred and forty shillings). This year’s total budget is 4% more than the previous year, while the central government’s budget is 5% more than the previous year.

The annual budget estimates approved comprise of the following sectors:-

• General government budget

• Central Government Budget

• Local government budgets

• Independent Institutions

• Overseas projects

This one has generally increased, or exceeded that of the previous year for 2022, by 4%, given that the central government sector budget has increased by 5% compared to previous budgets.

The 2023 budget forecast will focus chiefly on the following:-

1. Security

2. Elections

3. Agricultural production

4. Water

5. Fisheries

6. Environmental protection

7. Foreign (Recognition lobbies)

8. Technical skills institution and

9. National Employment Program



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