Forum for National Parties alleges Somalia’s Spy Agency Colludes with Al shabab members


Somalia’s Forum for National Parties has issued a formal statement alleging that Somalia’s Spy Agency has colluded with members of Al Shabab extremist group.

The Forum for National Parties has demanded that an independent investigation must be conducted to head of the Spy Agency-NISA.

The Forum has informed the request to the President, the Speakers of the bicameral Federal Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Attorney General as well as the Somali populace.

“The Forum for National Parties are worried over the recent information alleging that Somalia’s Spy Agency is covertly working with Al Shabab militia. The information has caused panic and skepticism in the public.” said the statement.

The Forum further says that the information poses a real threat to the national security after it has reviewed the plot which led to the assassination of Mayor of Mogadishu, the late Eng Abdirahman Osman Yarisow and other officials.

The Forum said that in a bid to restore the Spy Agency’s confidence among the Somali public and to alloy fears of the Somali fans, therefore, the Forum is demanding the following things must be made:

  1. An urgent investigation must be conducted on the terrorist attacks that transpired at the Benadir regional compound.
  2. It must be probed the rumors claiming that NISA is found in cahoots with Al Shabab and the report in the aftermath must be shared with the public.
  3. The Forum warns against the social media of the agency should not be used to achieve personal interests and not to undermine the public opinion as well as exaggerating al Shabab members for vested interests.
  4. The head of the spy agency to be distanced from politicians who have a vested interest and that the agency must be led by technical experts who have the expertise in espionage and the national security affairs.
  5. The Forum deplores that officers who were trained in espionage were dismissed from the agency and individuals who is pursuing a political agenda has taken the helm of the spy agency. This has led the mission of the agency to be misled.
  6. The Forum hereby clarifies that the official letter dated on 17/04/2020 issued by Somalia’s government in response to Kenya media outlets did not have a reply that could not be an enough answer that could satisfy the Somali public and the int’l partners.


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