Farmajo says Kenya tried all it could to politically isolate Somalia



Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahu Farmajo said on Tuesday that Kenya did everything in her power to politically isolate and to put pressure in his government in giving up his case at the ICJ, shortly after ICJ ruled in favor of the oil and gas rich Indian Ocean.

Kenya’s military carried out air strikes that claimed the lives of many Somalis and their property, the president said, adding that Kenya had also started campaign aimed at tarnishing the image of his gov’t in the eyes of the world gov’ts.

Farmajo welcomed the court’s verdict, expressing hope that Kenya will do the same and forget its ambition based on misleading and smokescreen, and would see the court’s decision as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Somalia’s president urged Kenya to respect the int’l rule of law, hailing the ICJ verdict as a fair indication of the transparency of ICJ.

The court’s ruling is final and cannot be appealed but states can go to the UN Security Council if another fails to comply with the ruling.


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