EUCAP Intensive training programme enhances Somaliland Coast Guard Maritime skills


The Somaliland Coast Guard Commander has expressed enthusiasm for continuing with specialised training for coastguard trainees in Berbera.

“I am glad that our boat personnel are receiving such efficient skill improvement in Berbera” said Somaliland Coastguard Commander, Admiral Mohamed Hussein Farah following the conclusion of the bi-weekly training held at Berbera base by EUCAP Field Office Hargeisa during the past two months.

As the primary organization responsible for the protection of territorial waters and combating maritime crimes, Somaliland Coast Guard (SLCG) patrols Somaliland’s waters preventing illegal fishing and performing search and rescue missions. To support SLCG in the performance of its role, EUCAP Field Office Hargeisa conducted an intensive training programme to develop maritime skills of 15 Somaliland Coast Guard officers in Berbera. The training covered topics such as Search and Rescue (SAR), rope work, boat handling, distress and emergency, post incident procedures, first aid and navigation.

“We engaged with EUCAP requesting advice and assistance to develop our capabilities. We are achieving increasingly more effective results in implementing our responsibilities thanks to this support and EUCAP advisory interventions” added Admiral Farah.

During the training, Coast Guard officers requested more focus on developing navigation skills. The topic was covered by EUCAP advisors through basic theory lessons as well as detailed explanations of latitude and longitude, plotting a course and range, and bearings calculations. In respect of safety navigational aids, the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) Maritime Buoyage System was introduced.

Apart from promoting good seamanship and professional knowledge, the navigation part of the training enabled the coastguard officers to know their position while in the sea and at full traffic harbours. Participants had then the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to practical sea chart work on boats at sea, including planning, managing and directing a vessel’s voyage.

“I was very impressed with the appetite for learning displayed by the Coast Guard members and I am aware that they have put many elements of the training into practice since” said Ulrich Kruse, EUCAP Adviser.


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