EUCAP enables EUNAVFOR training exercises with the Somaliland Coast Guard



The Spanish ship ESPS Relámpago welcomed the Somaliland Coast Guard (SLCG) and representatives from the Somali Ministry of Interior (MOI) on board the ship in the Gulf of Aden. They were accompanied by personnel from EUCAP the European Capability Mission. Working alongside with regional partners’ increases capability to deter piracy.

During the visit the SLCG had the opportunity to train with the Spanish crew. This included a presentation on maritime security and counter-piracy procedures followed by practical training with Spanish marine teams embarked on the coastguard vessels.

This training, enabled by EUCAP, will enhance the SLCG’s capability to support safety and security around Berbera Port. It will give the SLCG the tools to exercise normal civilian control of the Berbera Port and vessels entering the port.

EUCAP is pleased to witness the progress the SLCG is making as a maritime law enforcement agency. The recently adapted Somaliland Coast Guard Law, whose drafting EUCAP had supported since 2013, clearly lays out the duties of the Somaliland Coast Guard and the role of civilian maritime law enforcement. At the same time, this on-board training is an epitome of the EU Integrated approach to peace and prosperity in the area: safe and secure ports are a prerequisite for a flourishing Blue economy and prosperity of Somaliland.

The SLCG, MOI and EUCAP had the opportunity for a tour around the ship and witnessed a helicopter landing. Discussions were held and views exchanged regarding maritime security in the area and the efforts Somaliland makes to achieve maritime stability and security. 


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