Ethiopia recalls its consular to Somaliland



HARGEISA– The ministry of foreign affairs of Ethiopia has changed the Ethiopian consular to Somaliland, Brigadier General Berhe Tesfaye after he has been representing Ethiopia to Hargeisa for ten years. Mr. Berhe departed from Hargeisa last week heading to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopia where his replacement who has not been officially announced will come to Somaliland. Hon. Berhe has delegated all the consulate responsibilities to other staffers at the consulate and this how ambassadors are expected to hand over the duties that they have been bestowed. Mr. Berhe has played a lion’s share when it comes to boosting bilateral ties between Somaliland and Ethiopia. Ethiopia recently recalled more than 90 ambassadors to Addis Ababa who represented their nation around the world. The foreign affairs ministry has said that this is part of a mission to rejuvenate its foreign policy strategy.



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