China ruling party, CPC to Heighten Cooperation with EPRDF



Hawassa October 04/2018 The ruling party of China, CPC reaffirmed commitment to continue working with the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) irrespective of changes in political leadership.

The two parties have enjoyed strong party-to-party relationship for more than two decades.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) is among the parties that attended the opening of the 11th EPRDF congress, which is in session in southern Ethiopia.

Vice Minister of the International Development at Central Committee of CPC, Guo Yezhou, told ENA that the CPC will not change its policy about cooperating with EPRDF.

“No matter what changes may happen in the leadership of the EPRDF, our position to enhance dialogue and cooperation with EPRDF will never be changed, and during my meetings with senior leaders this time we also discussed about ways to further promote and enhance cooperation between the CPC and EPRDF. Our exchanges will remain closer,” he affirmed.

Ethiopia is among China’s comprehensive strategic partners in every aspect including party-to-party relationships, he noted.

Last September Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has conferred with Chinese president Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang during the FOCAC summit in Beijing on forging existing partnership between the two countries, he reminded.

Noting that his country is blissful to see a peaceful and stable Ethiopia, Yezhou said CPC is keen to consolidate ties with EPRDF in economic and political arenas.

According to the Vice Minister, the CPC regards EPRDF as good friend and partner and over the years, the two parties maintain close and friendly relations.

“The CPC and EPRDF shared similar tasks including developing the economy and improving the lives of the people, and my biggest expectation from the 11th congress with the leadership of EPRDF is, Ethiopia to maintain steady development, solidarity and greater progress in economic performance,” he said.

It was recalled that last January CPC delegation led by Wang Xiao held talks with senior officials of EPRDF in Addis Ababa to further cooperation between Ethiopia and China.

In his solidarity address at the 11th EPRDF congressf, Vice Minister Guo Yezhou said CPC is convinced that the congress will emerge as a millstone in the annals of EPRDF.

He also noted that the party-to-party relations have provided important political guidance for the development of the state-to-state ties, and reiterated that CPC’s readiness to enhance exchange and cooperation with the EPRDF.

Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and Communist Party of China (CPC) have begun party-to-party relations in 1994.



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