Assailant in policeman murder has been nabbed, said the police


The assailant of the police officer was murdered Monday evening has been arrested, the police department have revealed.

They said that the assailant is in police custody. The suspect is said to have killed Abdillahi Ali Ahmed attached to Ma’alin Haroun police station in Hargeisa.

In a press conference on Tuesday, the police on the night of Monday /Tuesday and that were able to apprehend the suspected culprit shortly thereafter, hence is in custody.

They of note pointed that preliminary investigations showed that it was a normal murder case that did not involve a motive of revenge nor was it tribally inclined hence the department is treating it as normal homicide.

They lamented that the misconstrued public perception fermented by disinformation and misinformation was quite unfortunate and urged people not to wrongly interpret the incident.

Meanwhile the police department stated that the case of Sahra Ismail Haroun, a citizen who had lodged a case of having been kidnapped and tortured is being handled and the investigations are underway.

They noted that Sahra said that she did not know the men who kidnapped her, nor where she was taken to hence due to intricacies of such cases it was bound to take time.

“When nature of evidences and witnessing are weak, cases usually take time to wrap up but be informed that the department is leaving no stone unturned in delving into the matter and are not relenting”, said the police.

The police chief has issued a strict order to get to the bottom of the matter and police units are investigating.


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