Approve the elections amendments fast and hold the political parties and organizations elections to end controversies and conflicts, says former president Rayale


The third president of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Dahir Rayale Kaahin said that the only way out of the election dispute is by stepping up and swiftly finalize the legal requirements in the amendment of the political parties and organizations’ elections laws.

The former president also said that the people who in a misadvised manner took arms and started insurgency atop Ga’an Libaah Mountains in futility should disband.

Dahir Rayale gave the sentiments a he spoke to SAHAN Television on Saturday, while in France where he resides, as he made various recommendations to the President, the House of Representatives, the National Elections Commission (NEC) and to the political parties.

He told the sitting President the buck stops at his desk hence his positive legacy depended on his conduct.

“Your Excellency, you are the nation’s head of state and whatever good or criticisms arising thereof would be in your legacy.

“I would like to say that since the political organization’s rules on elections are not fully in place, I recommend that you draft the amendments fast and submit them to the Legislative Assembly as per to the decision of the Constitutional Court to go directly to the election of the political organizations and have the laws in place within the month such that all the controversies may be put to rest”.

The former president said that the young people atop Ga’al-Libah mountains went there misadvisedly and he called upon them to disband since they would gain nothing through insurgency.

He asked the President not to pursue them militarily but initiate elders as emissaries to address the issue. He also said that if any armed personnel have been already dispatched, they should be recalled.

Mr. Dahir Rayale called on the Legislature to fulfill their responsibilities, and told them they should not be partisan but nationalistic hence advised them to speedily approve the amendments on the electoral laws of the political organizations.

The former president suggested to the Electoral Commission that it is incumbent upon them to heed the majority of the members’ decision and stand by it.

He told them, “You do not work for parties or whoever appointed you. Your number is seven members, four members who agree with each other are the least required, and abandoning that rule is flimsical. You have sworn to undertake responsibility to and for the nation and you must fulfill that responsibility as required.”

He also said that the period of the parties has expired and now they have become organizations, “The national parties’ term ended on December 13, 2022. I then advised against the amendments made then on combining the parliamentary and civic elections together arguing that it will create the controversies seen today. I had said that it will rise up and there will be controversy. It is now inevitable that the elections should be held and as organized parties you ought to compete in it”.

The former president urged the people of Somaliland to get rid of the mentality of tribalism and work for the unity of the people of Somaliland, which is the only way to bolster the nationhood of Somaliland.

Mr. Dahir Rayale pointed out that the only solution to the conflict is to speed up and amend the rules on elections and approve its laws.

He also advised the young people who went to the mountain to exercise their rights through voting for whoever they support.

He said, “I say to those who climbed the mountain that their efforts are in futility, and they are dishonoring the name of the community. Let them disband and return to the community and vote for whoever they are supporting.”


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