400 students undergo civics courses


The Ministry of Assemblies Cordinatin and Constitutional Affairs held an event for yet another 400 students from Hargeisa city that have completed studying the civics and patriotism studies.

The outgoing minister Hon. Mohamed Haji Aden Ilmi who has been transferred to the religion and endowments docket was flanked by several of his colleagues in attending the ceremony to celebrate the students who completed the study of the Constitution and Patriotism.

The Director of the Ministry of Council Relations and Constitutional Affairs, Deeqa Abdi Yusuf, reported on the importance of the ministry to educate the public about the constitution and patriotism, and praised the efforts they put in and how they benefit the youth and the various sectors of Somaliland community.

The minister praised the students who completed the civics course and urged them to apply it aptly in their lives.

“We are very happy and grateful to these young people for being responsible, selective and respectful during their studies. I thank them and congratulate them for their election in a country of love and humanity”, he said.

He continued, “I say to you as a parent, excel and move forward, continue education, protect nationalism, strengthen unity, fight against tribalism and use th knowledge to fight for development, unitedly join hands, you will achieve good things for and within our country”.

At the end, certificates were awarded to the students of Hargeisa capital districts who completed the study of the constitution and patriotism, who took advantage of the opportunity given to the citizens by the ministry of assemblies’ cordination and constitutional affairs.

They are not the first students to have such an event but thousands moere have already undergone the course.


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