Transport Ministry Refutes Horn Cable TV program



Press Release

The Ministry of Transport and Road Development is responsible for the provision of national transport services such as Land, Air and Sea Transport in Somaliland, and the ministry is responsible for the development of State and District highways, construction and rehabilitation of roads. Ministry Building and Public Agencies (Law L / r 01/2018) and Road Traffic Act (Code L / r 56/2013).

The Department of Transportation and Development the Road to Responsibility and Responsibility is accountable to the President of the Republic of Somaliland and the general public, the ministry of transport shall not apologize to anyone with a sinister agenda; the achievements of the ministry can be found by visiting and the accomplishment shall be highlight in the ministry journal which is due to launch later this year(2019).

It’s clear that the local Somali language news outlet Horn Cable TV is either ignorant or doesn’t have the slightest idea of the rules of the project, the Hargeisa-Kalabayd Road (SRMP) project funded by the German government and the EU is implemented by the Ministry and the GIZ, there are Project Document often published on websites and Financial Agreements. According to the Financial Agreement signed by the Ministry of Finance and GIZ No: 81224306, it is clear that the Government of Somaliland has invested in the project and can be obtained from the offices of the Road Development Agency and the GIZ office in Hargeisa. Thence we do no publish in the Financial Agreement on local websites.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Affairs certifies to the public that the procurement process of Machinery has been passed in accordance with Article 82/18 of the National Contracts and Transportation Policy 2018 adopted in the 22nd session of the Council of Ministers (Article 3.1.2). ) in accordance with the procurement method of transportation abroad.

Therefore, the ministry of Transport and Highway Patrol is dissatisfied with the false and misleading program aired by Horn Cable TV hence the ministry of transport demands a full apology within seven days, otherwise, it will file a complaint with the relevant law enforcement agency.

Allaa Mahad leh,

Signed By

Ismail Ali Ahmed

Head of Communications Office

Ministry of Transport



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