Standing Committee of Elders inspect Hargeisa Cultural Center


The Permanent Committee of the House of Elders toured on Saturday the Hargeisa Cultural Center.

The chairman of the Hargeisa Cultural Center Dr Jama M. Jama  along with veteran international journalist Sheikh Mohamud Dalmar and former MP Abdirahman Artan briefed the committee on the various activities the center is doing for the Somaliland community.

After the inspection, the two sides had an hour-long meeting behind closed doors.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Hargeisa Cultural Center Jama welcomed the Elders visit, and told the media that he would welcome anyone who came to visit the center.

“Today the cultural center had privilege to welcome the Permanent Standing Committee of the House of Elders, to learn what the center does and stands for to the community, and know where it is going. We had a good time parleying each other.”

Jama said they had answered all the questions asked by the committee and what they deemed important to ask. Adding, we want them to keep coming, as there is no greater honor the house of Elders to visit   the center.

Speaking on the occasion, MP Dayib Hassan Mohamed, a member of the Standing Committee of the House of Elders, said that they will share with the House of Elders what perceived at the cultural center.

“We have visited the cultural center, which has been the most talked about in Somaliland lately. We have asked all info needed by the center management. We have inspected from all angles. We will report back to the House of Elders”, he said.

MP Dayib said that when allegations arises it is imperative that it should be verified and as to such ‘we have seen the centre and its activities and we will report back to the House of Elders’.


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