Somaliland’s UK Envoy conveys Waahen Relief


Somaliland Ambassador to the UK Hon. Abdi Abdilahi Dayah-werar said Waahen’s donation had reached an international audience attended by seven hundred wealthy people.

An annual meeting organized by the ISLAM channel in London, attended by various wealthy individuals, raised funds for the Waheen market.

Islam channel, in partnership with Action for humanity and the European Muslim forum, has been invited, gracing the occasion being the Somaliland delegation led by the minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Dr. Essa Keyd Mohamoud, Ambassador Abdi Abdilahi and other members at London Marriet Hotel.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Dr. Isse, addressed the gathering and urged Muslims around the world amongst others to support the Waheen market.

The event, which was attended by British political parties, charities, notable wealthy personalities, and the general public, in addition to fundraising, featured speeches by some of the invited officials.


Rep of Somaliland Ambassador to the UK Hon. Abdi Abdillahi who asked Dawan media how they were able to attend the event said that acquittance between the owner of ISLAM Channel Television, Mr. Mohamed Ali, who recently visited Somaliland, made easier for them to participate and talk with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Essa.

Ambassador Dayah-werar said that the funds raised at the meeting will be handed over to the Waahen Market National Committee.

Meanwhile, Somaliland Ambassador to the United Kingdom Hon. Abdi Abdillahi reflected that the May 18th National Day celebrations were held in all major cities of the UK, this year and that donations were collected from each city, which he assigned to 31 committees.


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