Somaliland hosts Brenthurst workshop to debate Security in Africa


A high-level international conference organized by Brenthurst Foundation kicks off in Hargeisa.

The conference was titled: The Inside-out or Inside-in? Building peace and states in the Horn of Africa, which started on Friday will be concluded tomorrow.

The conference, which was addressed by President Muse Saturday 4th April 2022, underscored Somaliland’s path to state-building.

The points of this conference will be discussed, include;

Somaliland vs Somalia: Comparing negotiation process-Matt Bryden

Lessons from the role of Outsiders in Peace-building: Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan- Umberto Tavolato, Christopher Clapham and Kate Almquist knopf

Lessons in defeating Radicalism: Comparative Perspective- John Gitongo, Zitto Kowbe, Gordon Yekele & Faisal Guhad

Developing a New Interface for Outside Actors’- Nils Wormer, Tendai Biti, Vassilis Gavalas, John Steenhuisen and Chipo Mwanawasa.

At the end of the conference, it is expected that a statement will be issued detailing the topics discussed during the three days.


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