Somaliland’s First Representative Arrives in Taipei


Taiwan’s FM Joseph Wu officially greeted & welcomed on Sunday Somaliland’s 1st representative to Taipei.

Mohamed Omar Haji Mohamud, SL’s representative to Taiwan had arrived in the capital on last Friday prior to the preparations of inaugurating its office in Taipei.

Wu said in a tweet that Somaliland government has not bowed to Chinese diplomatic pressure in a bid to break off ties with Taiwan.

He added that SL representative arrived in Taiwan in a bid to take up post in Taiwan.

He went on to say that sovereignty and friendship aren’t on sale and Somaliland deserves int’l recognition.

He was referring to a report by Somaliland media on Chinese delegation that arrived in Somaliland and met with President Bihi to cancel Somaliland & Taiwan ties.

President Bihi rejected demands of China’s high level delegation from the outset.

Somaliland & Taiwan which share akin struggles as the two sides agreed to start bilateral cooperation on July 1st.



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