Somaliland won’t compromise its statehood on livestock export



The Somaliland Government has rejected a move spearheaded by SFG which stipulated that livestock exported to Saudi Arabia must get medical certification from the Somalia Federal Gov.

The minister responsible for livestock and fishery development, Mr. Hasan Mohamed Gafadhi has said that if Saudi Arabia won’t accept its livestock with the medical certification issued by Somaliland then it will stop its export to Saudi Arabia.

The minister has convened with livestock traders and reached the decision to halt the livestock export.

The minister has revealed that there individuals who sought the medical certification in exchange of money from Somalia’s Federal Gov and intended to open offices in Somaliland and Somalia.

Mr. Gafaadhi went on to say that Somaliland will stop the export of livestock if Saudi Arabia won’t change its mind on the condition of getting medical license from Somalia.

The Minister has reminded that Somalia and Somaliland are two neighboring states.

He added that it did not happen in the history of Somaliland that livestock export where the medical certification was granted by the Federal Gov of Somalia.

Somaliland gov has informed port authorities in her territory that traders holding medical certification from Somalia won’t be allowed to export livestock from Somaliland ports.

The Minister reiterated that Somaliland won’t compromise its statehood in exchange of livestock export to Saudi Arabia.


  1. The Saudi authorities seem to be devoid of any respect for others. Indeed they seem to measure things against the size of their bellies and think they can dictate to everyone. Besides how come the Somali livestock is good enough for the Pilgrimage and not fit for consumption in other seasons? That says a lot about them, indeed!


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