Somaliland: UCID Interior Secretary released on bail


HARGEISA–The interior secretary of Justice and Welfare Party, UCID, Mr. Mohamoud Ali Sulieman alias Ramaah has regained his freedom after spending 20 days of captivity whilst behind bars at Hargeisa main prison.

Reports have confirmed that Mr. Ramaah was released on bail.

Ramaah was detained after he defamed the speaker of Somaliland House of Reps, Bashe Mohamed Farah.

Through intermediary, the House of Reps speaker had dropped the charges against UCID interior Secretary but Ramaah was kept in captivity but persecutor general had stated that he was detained on charges of sedation and spreading false reports against government agencies.

The opposition parties had said that Ramaah’s detention was politically motivated.

Deputy Interior Secretary of Wadani party said that the motive behind Ramaah’s detention was meant that he will not stand for the upcoming parliament election.


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