Somaliland: Sool’s Top judiciary official killed in an explosive device attached to his vehicle



Sool’s provincial court chairman Hasan Sheikh Mohamud has been killed on Monday after an explosive device attached to his vehicle went off in Lasanod.

Massive bombing rocks the city of Lasanod in Sool province. Top judiciary official killed.

No group has claimed the responsibility of carrying out the bombing which targeted the regional court judge.

Reports coming from Lasanod say that it is calm and quiet but the explosion was felt all across the township.

Somaliland government and security agencies have not so far commented on the explosion which led to the assassination of the regional court chairman that took place in Lasanod.


  1. 17 likes for this story about an atrocity in Laas Canood is an indication of how much enemies Somailand faces. Allah Ha U Naxariisto Marxuumka, but these hateful people who take pleasure in negative news about Somaliland will never prevail. The perpetrators will be caught and brought to justice. Somaliland will never give in to terrorism.


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