Somaliland: Reflecting back on the last decade, I was thinking about some of the key moments in my journey that have shaped my outlook on work and life in general.


One of those moments is definitely my trip to Hargeisa in 2015. I was offered the chance to take part in a project aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality during childbirth in the region. Prior to this trip,I certainly could not have imagined the scale of this problem and was actually excited about the prospect of making meaningful and impactful change in this area. Somalia/Somaliland has one of the highest lifetime risks of maternal and child deaths during childbirth. Subhanallah! This project was organised by Hayat Women trust founder, Fowzia Mohamed, joined by a highly experienced FGM specialist midwife. We conducted training workshops for traditional birth attendants in the villages and towns outside Hargeisa. We discussed harmful practices and delivered training on basic management of common emergencies during childbirth, using simulation and videos. It was a moment of profound insight with the realisation that we truly take so much for granted. Having learnt so much from the local people, elders, patients and professionals alike, it certainly is an experience imprinted on my psyche and heart


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