Somaliland: Lasanod Authorities Confiscate Expired Foodstuffs and Medications



Lasanod Local City authority in conjunction with police raided shops and pharmacies reportedly selling expired foodstuffs and medications.

The two day raid which was aimed at stalls in the township was to ensure that all expired items seized and that they must sell products that are up to date.
The goods confiscated during the joint police and local city authority operation saw the confiscation of outdated medical supplies, canned dry milk powder, dry orange soda, tomato paste, and soft drinks.
Lasanod Local City Executive Secretary says, “We send a congratulation to Lasanod residents that if the township did not have a vetting team to the stores and pharmacies, You can see with your eyes the expired products that we have seized.”
The local authority in Lasanod, Sool’s provincial capital have vowed to continue the operations.
They have burnt the expired products that have been seized from the stall in Lasanod. The authorities have warned communities to beware of counterfeit and expired foods items which could be a health risk.


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