Somaliland- Kulmiye Ejects Rogue Party Member



HARGEISA– The ruling Kulmiye party in Somaliland  has expelled, Hon. Jama Shabel, the chairman of the central committee according to a press release issued from Hargeisa.

The party has announced that it stripped the post and membership from Jama Shabel.

The executive committee held an emergency session in which they discussed on Jama Shabel’s misconduct.

Hon. Jama Shabel who has been contacted by local media has declined to response to his removal from the party.

He only commented that the second deputy chairman of party has not have the prerogative right to eject him from the governing party. The decision to expel Hon. Jama from the party was reached in executive council meeting held  on the 3oth of Sept, 2018.




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