Somaliland: Head of Civil Service Commission Advises against new bill for Parliament staff



The Chair of SL Civil Service Commission advised against a special law for staff of the parliament.

Farhan Ali  Haybe, the head of SL Civil Service Commission says a bill drafted by the Civil Service Commission offers more benefits and rights to the staff at the parliament.

Mr. Haibe made the statement in a meeting with the Standing Committee of the Council of Elders on Sunday, January the 5th.

On his briefing with the lawmakers, the Civil Service Commission Chairman boasted about the reforms the commission introduced through last year.

He added that the commission had drafted a bill for the benefits and rights of civil service and submitted to the cabinet for approval.

He urged the Council of Elders to adopt the bill by the Civil Service Commission.

Farhan Ali Haibe said the new Civil Service law provides a wider definition for civil servant staff and incorporates more independent agencies and institutions.

He stressed that the objective was to streamline and standardize the recruiting process all across government departments to make employment more just and fair.

The Head of CSC boasted that the service grew by over 4000 employees including 1400 employed through the National Service Program.



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