Somaliland FM Dismisses Somalia’s Claim that it has permitted Kenya to Establish Consulate in Hargeisa



The foreign affairs minister of the republic of Somaliland has repudiated a statement from Somalian counterpart saying that Somalia has given the green light and the go ahead to the Kenyan gov to open diplomatic liaison office in Hargeisa. Somaliland FM, Hon. Yasin Mohamud Faraton has said that Somalia has done all it could diplomatically to block Kenya’s plans to open the consulate general in Hargeisa but SL FM has further added that all their attempts ended in vain. The FM, Hon. Yasin said that Somaliland has become Somalia’s number one foe. He added that Somalia was angered Kenya’s diplomatic presence in Somaliland. Somalia has tried to stop the move but it was impossible for its officials to do so. The FM said that Somalia is disappointed with Somaliland’s strides that it takes in the right direction. The FM said that Somaliland is engaged with the international community and has refuted that Somalia is sought to facilitate on Somaliland engagement with other countries. Mr. Faraton has stated that Somalia was quite disappointed with the flourishing bilateral ties between Kenya and Somaliland. Somalia’s FM, Mr. Ahmed Isse Awad said that Somalia has permitted Kenya to open the diplomatic consulate in Hargeisa during an interview with the Standard media in Kenya. This has been dismissed by Somaliland’s FM. Somalia and Kenya’s ties strained after the two neighboring countries have engaged territorial dispute which is linked to oil in the Indian Ocean.




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