Somaliland: Court revokes Foore Newspaper licence, jails editor



The Hargeisa Regional Court announced this morning [10 February] that Foore newspaper license revoked and the owners of the local paper will pay a fine of up to 3 million Somaliland Shillings ( 300 US dollars). The chairman of Foore newspaper, Hon. Abdirashid Abdiwahad Sh. Ibrahim confirmed the court’s decision in which it rescinded its operating licenses for one year. The Editor-In-Chief of the paper, Mr. Ilka Asse is currently under police captivity for not paying the fine. The chairman of the paper further said that the editor-in-chief will remain under police detention until they will pay the fine. Mr. Abdirashid stated that they will further speak about the court’s decision in which it suspended the paper from operations. It is yet clear if the paper has filed an appeal over the court ruling as far as the case is concerned. Media associations allege the gov’t of Somaliland of gagging the freedom of the press.



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