Somalia is determined to isolate SL diplomatically- FM, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire


Ms. Farrah Muhumed Yusuf

26th July, 2018

HARGEISA—Somalia Federal Government (SFG) faces the accusations that it has done all it could to embark on diplomatic isolation against Somaliland. This was disclosed by SL’s foreign affairs minister, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire in an interview with a local paper. Dr. Sa’ad, SL’s FM has further said that the well coordinated diplomatic efforts from Somalia to isolate SL will not succeed.

The FM stated that Somaliland willingly merged with Somalia but said that after injustice and suppression subjected to citizens from Somaliland led to start a groundswell which paved the way for toppling the junta regime. The minister reasserted that Somaliland recaptured its independence and added that Somalia’s conspiracy against Somaliland is a new norm but was a routine.  The foreign minister has further revealed that Somalia is isolating Somaliland in a wide range of areas be it political, economical and by another means.

The minister announced that the mission behind the conspiracy theory against the republic of Somaliland is to freeze out. It is recently reported that Somalia’s foreign affairs ministry has put in place a covert diplomatic strategy of imposing sanctions against Somaliland which is cultivating ties with the int’l community since its inception in the last 27 years. Dr. Sa’ad has said that Somaliland has the right to seek independence and all the clandestine conspiracy theory to isolate Somaliland diplomatically won’t bear fruit.

He confirmed that Somaliland’s diplomatic ties is not deteriorating but is at its peak and called on the the int’l community to give the recognition that the republic has yearned over the last 27 years since its outset. The minister reiterated that Somaliland is not part of Somalia and won’t be part of Somalia in the long run. He asserted that Somaliland wants to live side by side with Somalia in peace and prosperity and to establish bilateral ties that respect the sovereignty of both nations respectively. SL’s FM hopes that Somaliland will get the deserved recognition as long as the IC is fully aware of the progress and development strides that Somaliland achieved over the years.

The minister responded to a query whether Somalia which claims of taking control of airspace, the minster unequivocally replied that If Somalia continue not to honor the Istanbul agreements on the management on control of airspace, then Somaliland will take the right action. He announced that Somaliland is determined to control its airspace. Dr. Sa’ad called on lawmakers to personally submit their criticism rather airing them via the local media.

He finally said that Somaliland is in charge of its citizens traveling to Hajj and the ministry for religious affairs is doing that.


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