Quality assurance to commence lab tests for foodstuff, medicine


The Somaliland Quality Assurance Agency has said that they are starting their laboratory tests for foodstuffs, medicinal drugs, cosmetics and general goods entering the country and those produced within the country.

A press release issued by the Chairman of the Somaliland Quality Assurance Agency, Mukhtar Mohamed Ali, said that the stakeholders are being informed that the Quality Assurance Agency commencing the lab tests.

The full press release reads as follows:-

Purpose: Notice on commencement of the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Laboratory.

The Quality Assurance Agency is carrying out its national responsibility under the Quality Assurance Agency Regulation No: 68/2014, Articles 34, 35 and 36 and implementing the work of the national laboratory to ensure the quality of food, medicine, cosmetics and in general, for the benefit of those which enter the country and those that are produced within the country; and by thus informs all businessmen of the Republic of Somaliland that the laboratory will start its laboratory duties.

The laboratory will therefore take sample of the products coming into the country and those produced in the country for testing (Sample for Test).

Article 43 of the Quality Assurance Agency Regulation No: 68/2014.

We are asking the authorities and organizations that are aware of this decree to assist the National Quality Assurance Laboratory in fulfilling its national duties.

Mukhtar Mohamed Ali, Chairman of the Clearance Authority.


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