Mother-child welfare project launched in Hargeisa


Community and Children Welfare Project in collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs and the UNICEF agency, which are part of line ministries and agencies, was launched in the capital of Hargeisa.

This project is funded by the German KFW Bank.

The Director General of the Ministry of Employment Mr. Ahmed Hassan Aw Adan said that this project provides unconditional financial support to expectant mothers and newborns.

It is precisely a pre and postnatal mother child care.

This project, which will be implemented as a pilot scheme in only one district and is said to benefit five thousand four hundred families.

The Deputy Minister of Finance Hon. Rooda Jama Ilmi who made a statement said that she is happy to be a part of the project to support mothers and babies.

She said that it is possible to feel what the mother is going through, and anyone who has been through it knows it, and it is a start-up project to help pregnant mothers and babies.

Hon. Eng Ali Omar Mohamed (Ali Hoor-Hoor) who spoke said that they welcome the governments and organizations that support mothers and babies. The support project, he said, is accompanied by health and nutrition for those in need.

“We need to ensure our community’s efficiency and management in the future and have to partner with foreign entities”, said the minister.

Officials of the German Development Bank and UNICEF who spoke on the occasion pointed out the project’s importance, its mission, and how it will play a major role in the welfare of society, especially as concerns mothers and children.


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