MP Guruje calls for concerted defense of integral national sovereignty



MP Ahmed Nur Guruje, a member of Somaliland’s House of Representatives has called on the government, political parties and organizations and the members of public at large to concertedly defend the integral sovereignty of the nation against propaganda onslaught from the Mogadishu politicians.

He pointed out the Somalia politicians are virulently trying to undermine the existence and sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland in a well orchestrated campaign by their government and politicians.

MP Ahmed Nour Guruje said that the union of Somaliland and Somalia in the 1960s was based on good will but not on rules and laws which have since be obsolete following the re-establishment of the nationhood of Somaliland.

The MP called on the President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, to give up his untenable animosity and enmity towards the Somaliland community and strive for the inevitable good neighbourliness instead.

He said that the prominent politicians who are in spirited campaigns against the existence of Somaliland include politician Abdirahman Abdishakur whose politics he said is based on hatred, Ali Mohamed Gedi, Mohamed Hussein Roble, Abdi Qasin Salad, Yusuf Garad etc all of them are now engaged volubly and eloquently in everything against the independence of Somaliland.

The politicians in Mogadishu focus on harming Somaliland became more evident after the historic agreement reached by Somaliland and Ethiopia in which the two countries cooperate in development and economy.

In conclusion, MP Ahmed Noor Guruuje asked the Government and the people of Somaliland to counter the sheepish anti-Somaliland campaigns that has no iota of justification.

He lamented that the opposition fraternity are conspicuously absent from the efforts of countering this Mogadishu onslaught in defense of the country’s nationhood.


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