Minister Calls on Saraar Locals to back Oil Exploration process


The Minister of Energy and Minerals leading a high level delegation composed of Ministerial staff , and representatives of foreign oil companies visited the town of wari-daad in Saraar region.

He said, “The government of President Muse Bihi Abdi is committed  to creating a sustainable extractives sector which stimulates equitable wealth and employment and the extraction of oil is due to begin here in Saraar region by 2023.

“I would like to use this opportunity to urge fellow Somaliland citizens and people of Saraar Region to support this Ministry and the government in its efforts to develop our natural resources that God endowed us with for the common good. We urge our citizens to be patient in realizing our dream as a nation to become a country that benefits economically from its natural resources and not one that keeps it in the ground while we starve on top of it or squanders it when it gets exploited, Energy Minister

He added that , “The extraction of oil will bring many benefits to country and much needed job creation, moves towards middle-income status, and delivers to the large majority of citizens significant economic, health and social benefits now and in the future

The aim of this visit is meant to engage the community through public awareness of the oil industry development in Saraar region and the roles and responsibilities of the local Government, National Government, Oil companies and communities in relation to oil projects in promoting integrated development in the country by increasing community access to credible information.


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