Somaliland tells IC to channel grants directly and not by proxy


Somaliland has requested the International Community ((IC) to channel whatever grants meant for the Republic of Somaliland directly and not by proxy through the Somali government of Mogadishu.

A letter by the Ministry of Planning of Somaliland to the donor countries has stated the importance of establishing ways for the international community to communicate with Somaliland.

It noted that while Somaliland recognizes and acknowledges the aid and grant support that the friendly partner nations and organizations accord the country, the nation underpins the importance and the need to work directly with Somaliland, through official channels in accordance with international aid regulations

It is stated in the letter that the aid needs to improve the lives of people, regardless of their political affiliations, and that furthermore, there are several nations that are not internationally recognized who are dealt with directly without uncalled for proxies.

Somaliland expressed its gratitude for the support it receives from the donor countries, and said that it hopes that they will continue to increase their cooperation.

The issue of directly dealing with the nation of Somaliland was last week underscored in one of the resolutions adopted by the cabinet meeting.


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