NEC calls for readiness of electioneering processes, urges adherence to good conduct


The Somaliland National Elections Commission NEC has called on the members of the public and stakeholders to prepare and be in readiness for the upcoming elections.

The chairman of the NEC Mr. Musa Hassan Yusuf, who spoke to the media after a meeting the NEC commissioners had with the supreme parliamentary Permanent Standing Committee lower House of Representatives, called for the need of upholding good conduct during the electioneering period, which includes the campaigning season and voting.

He also called on the media fraternity to adhere to the tenets of the profession hence follow the expected ethical demands hence conduct themselves responsibly.

He said, “The electioneering process is underway and people are to go to the polls. We hope that that member of the public and the media fraternity would conduct themselves wisely and with maturity hence the press ought to adhere to the ethics of the profession and comply with the rules set”.

He underpinned the fact that the NEC should be left to embark on their duties t hand.

Said he, “The NEC should be left to do its duties and incase of any hiccups it has ways and means of addressing them concertedly with the stakeholders”.

The Permanent Standing Committee of the House of Representatives on its part said that they are working with the commission to ensure that the elections are held legally, praising the commission for its efficient work

The set date and time of the holding of the presidential and political party elections has officially been slated for November the 13th, 2024.


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