Majority of Somaliland legislators opposed the State of emergency




The extraordinary parliamentary session held on Thursday which was intended for the legislators of both houses to either pass or block the state of emergency adjourned by the house speaker. According to reports coming from the parliament confirm that there were 107 legislators who were in attendance of the session. Once the voting process started and the parliament house speaker asked members of parliament who are in favor of passing the state of emergency to be passed. There were 40 legislators who were in favor of passing the state of emergency. Mr. Bashe Mohamed Farah, the parliament speaker who chaired the session adjourned it after certain legislators started to boo and heckle. The house speaker informed the legislators that the house will convene on Saturday. There were legislators opposing the motion who after the session accused the house of speaker has violated the constitution. It seems  that majority of parliamentarians are opposed to the state of emergency that the president imposed on certain townships in the east of the country due to lack of security.



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