Kulmiye party leadership hold meeting with Gabiley supporters



By M.A. Egge

A large delegation led by Mr. Ahmed Abdi Hussein (Ahmed Abdi-deere), had a meeting on Monday with elders, intellectuals, youth, women and supporters of the party in Gabiley region.

The delegation of the leadership of Kulmiye have been in several regions of the country in building a better rapport with its supporters in an effort of endearing the masses.

A large event held in Gabiley, which was crowded with supporters from different parts of society wearing the KULMIYE party logo, was focused on how to speed up the various activities of the party.

The event was attended by the mayor of Gabiley Abdiqani Mohamud Jiide, the mayor of Gabiley, the general secretary of the Kulmiye party, members of the Gabiley local council.

The chairman of the Kulmiye party in Gabiley, the chairman of the women’s wing of the Kulmiye party in Gabiley, traditional leaders, politicians, and hundreds of supporters were present.

Mr. Ahmed Abdi Dheere, who led the delegation and spoke at the forum, thanked the supporters of the party in Gabiley region for the warm welcome they received.

“We acknowledge that the party always counts on the support and voice of the Gabiley community”, he said.

Politician Abdiaziz Mohamed Samale, one of the executive committee members and a member of the delegation who also spoke there, praised the supporters of KULMIYE in Gabiley for their cooperation and courage.

Mr. Samale pointed out that Gabiley is stands out in the history of the KULMIYE party.

The governor of Gabiley Abd Qani Mohamud Jiide praised the unity of supporters of the KULMIYE party in Gabiley, urging them to strengthen their support.

Similarly, the secretary of the national women’s wing of the KULMIYE party, Miss. Sahra Suleiman Awad, thanked the supporters of KULMIYE in Gabiley for the way they welcomed the party’s delegation.

The notables present and the audience pledged to double their support for the party.

They promised to strengthen the connection and cooperation of the fans.

The head of the party in charge of Gabiley region, expressed gratitude and encouragement for the support for KULMIYE in the area.


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