Agriculture department leads campaign efforts to eradicate mosquitoes



By M.A. Egge

The Agricultural department has been in recent weeks been steadfastly fighting the mosquito menace in efforts of containing them through eradication within Hargeisa city and in several other towns in the country.

They have been conducting fumigation operations to spray areas that are mosquito breeding grounds by fumigating them.

Water ponds in the Hargeisa river bed have been drained and shrubs, rubbish pits, dilapidated abandoned buildings and mosquito-prone areas have had pesticides sprayed over.

Such operations have been done in Hargeisa and Gebilay and a vehicle with fumigating appliances has been dispatched to Baligubadle. These campaigns against the fatal flying vectors follow the breakout of the dengue fever epidemic that has afflicted most of the country leaving in its wake a devastated populace.

The tiger mosquitoes with painful stings are the culprits.


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