Intermediate level maritime english course for Somaliland Coast Guard


An intermediate level Maritime English Course, supported by EUCAP, concluded recently at the Berbera Maritime and Fisheries Academy (BMFA). The course was carried out over an intensive period of two months with 24 Somaliland Coast Guard Officers successfully completing it. The timing of the course was tailored to take place in the period between the Autumn EUCAP Advisers Introductory maritime skills training and the commencement of the Swedish Expert Team & EUCAP Advisers Q1/2022 trainings at Berbera.


The 24 Officers worked through a comprehensive programme of training to enhance their proficiency in Maritime English to the prescribed intermediate level. The aim is to equip these Officers so that they can effectively carry out the duties of key positions at the Command Centre, as Boat Captains, Radio Operators and crew, and also as future leaders who will require this competence.


“It was excellent to engage again with EUCAP to deliver this course”, said Abdiqani Mohamed Khayre Elmi, President of the BMFA. “The BMFA, as a Government Agency, is dedicated to developing students in the field of marine affairs, including maritime safety, security, and marine and maritime environmental management. Our lecturers are very experienced across the maritime spectrum and this is a fundamental course to upskill the Somaliland Coast Guard Officers for specific roles and duties.”


“Maritime English, also known as the Standard Maritime Communication Phrases (SMCP) was developed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as the international standard language for all maritime communications. As English is considered to be the common language while at sea, Maritime English builds on the basic vocabulary of English while including unique phrases and terms to rule out any possible ambiguity”, said Kenneth Neijnes, Head of EUCAP Field Office Hargeisa. “It primarily serves three main functions: 1. Ship to ship communication 2. Ship to shore communication and 3. Internal communications onboard a ship. It is great to see the Somaliland Coast Guard embrace this comprehensive course and EUCAP is delighted to again assist in promoting the Somaliland Coast Guard’s continuing professional development.


Among the attendees at the closing ceremony and presentation of certificates were the Deputy Berbera Port Manager, Mr. Ali Saeed Saleban, the Governor of Sahil region, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Hashi and Admiral Mohamed Hussein Farah of the Somaliland Coast Guard. Their presence is a clear indication of the top level support that is given to these very positive collaborative initiatives.


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