Interior Minister urges Int’l community to respect the law of the land


Somaliland’s government has always treated the media as independent

The Interior Affairs Minister Hon. Mohamed Kahin has reiterated that subsequent administrations in Somaliland has given the media leeway hence they have been vibrantly operating and independently free.

He said that incase of complaints against them or as they err, the was always due legal procedures laid down and has always been in place to be followed.

Minister Kahin said that Somaliland has laws and institutions that are responsible for whatever happens and a legal process to follow, and they will leave it to them to go about their duties.

He was speaking following the fateful incident over the week that saw a normal quelling of in-mates disturbances by the custodial corps at Hargeisa central jail be blown out of proportions by wayward scribes who purported that terrorists had invaded the prison hence many were arrested.

“The security services, the prosecution, the police and the courts will handle the journalist case”, he said.

Minister Kahin stated that the reason both he and the information  minister were speaking the matter underscored the importance the state gave to the media and its cooperation with the industry.

“We are convictional that we are saddened for the imprisonment of journalists, but attest that no innocent one will be held unlawful”, he underpinned.

The interior minister said Somaliland had never mistreated the media, but described it as unfortunate for people he said were politically motivated would misconstrue issues.

He said that many countries have enquired about the arrest of journalists and the stated the government has responded accordingly, but reserve her rights hence called on the international community not to politicize or violate the Somaliland domestic laws.

“The Somaliland government and the ruling party, which has been in power for a long time, will not allow the freedom of democratic processes we have gone through and achieved in many elections to be reversed” he ended.


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