Info Minister says Detained Journalists will be followed as per procedure


Information Minister Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore said that the state was greatly saddened by the fact that many journalists would grossly err, hence bring the profession into disrepute and get arrested.

Minister Kore was speaking following the fateful incident over the week that saw a normal quelling of in-mates disturbances by the custodial corps at Hargeisa central jail be blown out of proportions by wayward scribes who purported that terrorists had invaded the prison.

The action saw more than a dozen private media journalists apprehended.

The minister noted that there were regulatory procedures to be followed, hence the legal appropriate means will have to be followed.

He said that prison warders were equipped well with ample training capabilities and capacities for taking their cue and handling their tasks as stipulated.

Minister Kore reminded both public and private media staffers that they were subjected to the rules and regulations of their professions and that they must adhere to the ethical conducts of the industry therein.

All arrests will be screened and those suspected of gross misdemeanour will undergo due legal process, while those deemed innocent will be set free.


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