House of Representatives Speaker Dismisses Charges Against UCID Interior Secretary


HARGEISA–The House of Representatives Speaker has announced on Monday of dropping against the compliant case against the Interior Secretary of Justice and Welfare Party, Mohamud Suleiman Ali alias Ramaah.

Mr. Bashe Mohamed Farrah has disclosed the new on Monday after he held a press conference.
The House speaker has revealed that he was approached by traditional leaders and elders from Ramaah’s side.
“As for Ramaah the reason I sued him was that he said that I was in cahoots with Somaliland foes being the parliament speaker. If I collude with Somaliland enemies, I have to relinquish the office. That is the reason Ramaah was put behind bars.” said Bashe
The House speaker, Bashe, has said that Ramaah claimed that his arrest was responsible by the presidency.
The House of Representatives Speaker has added that he does not know who Ramaah was referring to.
Mr. Bashe has noted that he submitted a defamation case against Ramaah to Somaliland office of the Attorney General and conducting investigation into the matter which led to his captivity.
The Speaker stated that Ramaah has cast doubts on his personal integrity by after he accused him of closely working with Mogadishu based government of Somalia.
He added that he has been serving as speakership for the past 15 years and that people used to criticize him for his work but he was defamed.
He further underscored that the allegations of linking him with Somaliland enemy is a serious crime.
Mr. Bashe said that was all Mr. Ramaah was put under police custody.
He further added that he was approached by Sultans and elders from Ramaah’s side and appealed me to pardon him.
Bashe accepted it but on a condition that Mr. Ramaah should apologize and that accusations won’t happen it once again.



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