Gov’t reduces 10% tax on essential items


Minister of Finance of the Republic of Somaliland Dr. Saad Ali Shire, said the government has tax reductions respite for traders in the country, to alleviate high prices people encountered on their livelihood.

Minister Saad said that in order to address the rising cost of food items, tax cuts for traders and container tax exemption were made, adding he said,

“We have to grow our food intakes, to reach food security. Second to alleviate higher prices, we made 10% tax on essential items, and port pledged exemption from container tax on utilities”

In a short interview with local television station MMTV, Dr Sa’ad instructed traders not to harass the public and raise prices and to be compassionate, and to deduct tax deductions from their value prices to society.

He noted that the cost of living had risen and that the people and the government needed to be more productive to produce their own food.


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