Government Preparation for 2023 Budget process underway


The fiscal policy committee has held an important meeting to fast-track 2023 Somaliland government budget. The committee stated that it was of utmost importance to complete this national undertaking on time.

According to the government budget calendar the budget coordination committee held its 3rd meeting at the ministry of finance to sum up the Somaliland government budget of fiscal year 2023 .

During the meeting it was agreed that all focus should be put on the preparation of the budget.

Ministry of Finance department of economy and planning brought forward the budget outlook paper which is necessary for the preparation of the government budget. It will put consideration into the economic state of the country and revenue policies .

The meeting which was officiated by the minister of finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire. Ministers who are members of the budget coordination committee, the Director General of ministry of finance, Accountant General and heads of budget and finance departments in the ministry of finance participated in the meeting.

The budget policy committee members elaborated the areas where utmost priorities will be given in the 2023 financial year.

Highlighted areas of importance were water, health, environment, justice, education, security etc.

The budget committee also agreed to meet at a later date to plan way forward.

They promised to engage civil society to put their suggestion and ideas into perspective.


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