FM Meets with Intellectuals in the UK


Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr. Issa Keyd Mohamoud has held a fact-finding meeting with Intellectuals, women groups, and diaspora community in England.

The meeting was organized by Somaliland’s ambassador to the UK Hon. Abdi Abdilahi Dayah-werar.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of SSA and members of the Somaliland diaspora community in the UK, and both sides discussed important issues affecting the country and how to work further for Somaliland’s determination for international recognition quest.

The Chairman of SSA Diaspora community thanked Hon. Dayah-werar for facilitating their meetings with the Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Essa, adding, that Somaliland’s ambassador to the UK had worked tirelessly to make many diplomatic endeavors a possibility.

The Somaliland ambassador to the UK revealed that he had invited some from all diaspora community members across the greater UK to participate in the meeting.

He added that the intention of the meeting is to see off the foreign affairs minister Dr. Issa & his delegation to Somaliland.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Essa Keyd, who spoke to the community, stated that Somaliland is moving in the right direction, and every day foreign emissaries visit the country to engage with Somaliland.

“The peace and tranquility in Somaliland have attracted the international community.”

He went on to urge the diaspora community in the UK and elsewhere to work for the betterment of their country and initiate developmental activities back home.


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