EUCAP mentors Somaliland Coast Guard officers on search and rescue exercise at sea in Berbera




Mentored by EUCAP in cooperation with the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC), fifteen Somaliland Coast Guard (CG) officers conducted a search and rescue exercise (SAR) at sea in Berbera on January 31st.


The SAR exercise (the first of such kind), followed theoretical sessions.


The CG officers trained on three boats on subjects including communicating positions, looking for positions and carrying out adequate search for survivors.


The activities were coordinated from the Berbera CG operation room and involved five different scenarios. One of the exercises focused on the CG officers sending out boats following the reception of a distressed call from the brother of a swimmer disappearing at sea. Another scenario involved the CG towing to the port a fishing boat experiencing engineering problems.


Most of the communication during the exercise was conducted in English.


Overall, the activity demonstrates the progress of the Somaliland’s Coast Guard in becoming partner in search and rescue services at sea.


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