Ethiopia’s Reform Will Foster Bilateral Relations, Boost Tourist Inflow: Ambassadors


Addis Ababa September 10/2018 The prevailing peace and stability accompanied with extensive reforms in Ethiopia will foster bilateral and multilateral relations as well as increase inflow of tourists, Ambassadors residing in Addis Ababa told ENA.

Ambassadors and diplomatic corps residing in the capital, staged colorful event organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to portray the diverse cultural heritages, traditional music and fashion show on Saturday.

Charge de Affairs of the Canadian Embassy to Ethiopia Lajos Arendas told ENA that bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Canada is excellent, especially in the course of the appointment of the new Prime Minister.

“We fully support every part of his efforts and Canada is delighted with the positive events that are unfolding in Ethiopia,” he added.

“Canada fully supported all the reforms in Ethiopia to broaden the space of democratization, including granting amnesty to groups labeled as terrorists, revising restrictive proclamations and allowing peaceful competition,” Arendas affirmed.

He mentioned that Canada and Ethiopia will hold bilateral consultation on various issues of common concern in mid-October.

Moreover, he pointed out that “Ethiopia is now peaceful and stable and if everything goes well in the same direction as it is now, tourist inflow will for sure exponentially increase.”

Ambassador of Greek to Ethiopia, Nikolaos Lh. Palakias said Ethiopia and Greek have longstanding history dating back to millennia with commonalities of never been colonized.

Stating that the Ethiopian National Theatre has recently been invited to participate in Art Forum at Eurodu Matiqos Teatre in October, the ambassador said “this will create a door to strengthen bilateral relation between the two countries and brotherhood among the people.”

Furthermore, he pointed out that the ongoing reform will attract and increase inflow of tourists to many of the country’s destinations including the ones inscribed by UNESCO.

Ambassador of Niger to Ethiopia, Zakariaou Adam said on his part that his country is keen on strengthening the existing bilateral relation with Ethiopia.

Appreciating the recent rapprochement reached between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Ambassador Adam hopes it will create conducive environment for the prevalence of peace, stability, and overall development.

He also assumes tourist flow to increase between Ethiopia and Eritrea following the beginning of flights after almost two decades.

Ethiopia, home for many international organizations including the African Union Headquarters, has more than nine cultural and historical heritages inscribed by UNESCO that can boost economy if exploited effectively.



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