Ethiopia, Somaliland relationship is based on strong cooperation in politics, security and trade

The relationship between Ethiopia and Somaliland is very strong due to the fact that Ethiopia does not interfere in internal affairs of Somaliland , said Ambassador of the Republic of Somaliland, Ambassador Ahmed Hassan Aqal.
Ambassador Ahmed Hassan noted that the foreign policy of Ethiopia focuses on cooperation with all regional and international organizations in all economic, social and political fields of the region for mutual benefit but not for interferance.
The Ambassador said that the relationship between the Republic of Somaliland and Ethiopia is strong and that the members of the diplomatic corps of Somaliland have been living in Addis Ababa for the last ten years and have a special office in Somalia.
“We are working to strengthen the relationship with all countries of the world. The relationship between the two countries continues to grow every time,” Ambassador Ahmed said. By the same token, he noted, “Ethiopia is of great importance to the countries of the Horn of Africa, with the headquarters of the African Union and other international organizations, and Addis Ababa has become the capital of Africa.
That is why we have been here for a long time.” He also told that the friendship with former and current Ethiopian governments and Somaliland is very strong, “We have a relationship based on strong cooperation in politics, security and trade.
Ethiopia also has a commercial office in Hargeisa.” Ethiopia has appointed Ambassador Shamseddin Ahmed Robli as the new consul in Somaliland following the recall of the former consul on the background of the restructuring of the Foreign Ministry.
SOURCE:The Ethiopian Herald


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