Djibouti betrayed and belittled and then she is betrayed and left in the lurch, then what?


Djibouti government betrayed, belittled and many times trashed their [real] brethren, Somaliland!
They have chosen their {perceived} brothers in Somalia over them. They supported them even when they knew they were wrong persistently the whole time. That was then. What is happening now?
Where Djibouti is in this fast moving political tsunami the region is experiencing?
What happened to Djibouti now in this new reality that is occurring in the horn of Africa?

Ethiopian Prime Minister went to nemesis Eritrea, mend fences, released contested territory to the new found brothes and established brotherly ties without bothering to mediate Eritrean and Djibouti dispute! Then the Ethiopian Prime Minister went to Somalia and told them something [?!]
Then beloved (by Djibouti) President of Mogadishu went to newly found brothers, Eritrea. Established new diplomatic and other relationships but never bothered to bring up the Djibouti territory Eretria occupies. He supported Eritrea whole heartedly. Djibouti never appeared in his radar!
Djibouti was left in the lurch by all! What was more hurting and sore was what Somalia government did to Djibouti when Djibouti did everything they could for them wrong and right!!
Again Djibouti was left in the wobble by all! Then what?
Well, the real brother which is Somaliland must forgive and forget and come to Djibouti’s aid and defend the people and the Republic of Djibouti. That is from Somaliland side. From Djibouti side they have to recognize Somaliland forthwith which is the right thing to do. That will equalize the play in this game. Therefore peace and prosperity for all
Ibrahim M Mead


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