Concrete evidence is there on self-proclaimed rebel insurgency against Somaliland assembling in Djibouti, asserts Information Minister Ali Marehaan


The Minister of the Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance who is also the official spokesperson of the Somaliland government Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Marehaan), has pointed out that since the nation signed the crucial MoU with the government of Ethiopia, the Djibouti government has been gradually depicting unwarranted antagonism towards Somaliland.

He observed that not less than a dozen times had the Djibouti state spewed unpalatable words towards Somaliland that the latter had shunned and never retorted to, in respect to brethren-ship, and in avoiding unnecessary tension in the region.

He mentioned the latest poignant actions emanating from Djibouti that has had rebel a movement declare its intention to cause insurgency in Somaliland, claiming to “liberate” Awdal in an innuendo that smirks of dreadful insurgency.

The minister was dismayed that he never expected the Djibouti government to facilitate such insurgency against Somaliland and especially depicting itself as a launching pad.

He said that the latest evidence stemmed from the rhetoric paraded by the so called rebels elaborately at none other than one of the Djibouti’s foremost resort hotels; a location that could only be acquired for publicity stunt, hence cannot be facilitated, without the knowledge of the administration itself.

To make it worse, the minister noted that the so called proclaimed militia rebels were participating in Djibouti’s Independence Day celebrations while seated as amongst guests at the Presidential podium.

He note that he never expected that the Djibouti government would avail a platform to entities declaring insurgency against Somaliland.

He pointed that it beats reason that even after the Djibouti state’s denial of the essence of the rebels canvassing in their country, the coveted national square is availed to them to launch the attacks on Somaliland by the group dabbed ‘Awdal State’ with vitriolic words such as proclaiming “We are a rebel movement out to liberating Awdal from savages and calling upon and beckoning the Awdalians to rise up….” etcetera.

The minister said that evidences of the insurgent rebel launching on Djibouti soil as a pad is vivid and the Somaliland government is privy to them.

He recalled that since the MoU agreement was signed with Ethiopia, the Djiboutian administration has on not less than a dozen times commented in various tones of vexed chagrin on it, whether it was their president, ministers of foreign affairs or that of information, something Somaliland never bothered retorting to since the crux of the matter of the MoU concerned only Somaliland lone.

He said that as far as regional bilateral relations and security was concerned, Somaliland kept her part of the bargain and the cordial relations enjoyed with Djibouti included repatriation treaties.

The minister was however quick to point out that Somaliland had never harboured any animosities towards Djibouti and its people hence said that the people of both nations are harmonious to each other.

He lamented that the Djibouti administration should not have commented superficially hence dismissed the allegations of having rebels against Somaliland launch in its territory as something flimsy and hoped that they would come to terms with reality owing the overwhelming concrete evidences.

The minister said that the recent Global Index on International Ports and Harbours published places the management of Berbera port as the best in Africa south of the Sahara, something he said the country ought to be proud of, cherish and maintain.

He similarly reminded everyone that the nation of Somaliland has been immersed in its tasks of charting its future and aspirations of her people for almost the past three and a half decade without notable tangible international aid hence has pacified its territory without occupation of foreign military.

He said that in pursuit of such efforts it had been able to facilitate the peaceful stability within the country, along its borders with the neighbours and has had commercial businesses flow through unimpeded across the frontiers with all people living in harmony.

The minister concluded that in as far as international obligations of the country was concerned, the Republic of Somaliland new and toed its cue in entering foreign partnerships or agreements thereof, as justified as it may, or should, be.


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