Citizens hail SL President’s Trip to the US


Thousands of people welcomed the President’s delegation from a two-week visit to the United States, welcoming the visit and congratulating them on their achievements.

Some of the people who attended the reception and were interviewed on National Television said;

A mother recited a buraanbur (traditional women folk-song) praising the Somaliland flag, she said; “The Somaliland flag, which I describe enigmatically; I have evidence, the monotheism of ‘There is no god but Allah’, is based on knowledge. Swallow your pride, ye the people who dream that I will return to Somalia. ”

Another elderly mother exclaimed, “I am an old lady, for the last 3 centuries we have ruled our country ourselves. I was one of the people who were bombed in their homes, God saved the victims. Today I feel triumphant, I pray to God not to take us back to Somalia”.

A young man added, “We welcome our President H.E. Musa, returning from a working trip to the United States. We are here to welcome and thank them for their achievements”.

A mother with children who was among those present said: “We welcome our President, and the success of their visit, I am very happy and I pray to God to bless our country.

A young woman who traveled from Burao to welcome the president happily praised the president’s delegation efforts, and hoped for more similar visits to follow.

The singer added, “We will get the recognition, and no one can stop us or nor can we ask for permission from anyone”.

All in all, the speakers strongly exuded their support for the President’s working visit to the United States, and unanimously declared that the country would not return to Somalia unity ever again.


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