Unprecedented mass Holy Quran recitation held in Hargeisa


The Minister of Education Hon. Ahmed Adan Buuhane and minister of Religion and Endowment Sheikh Mohamed Haji Adan Elmi were part of dignitaries who graced the unprecedented occasion where a mass recitation of the whole of the Holy Quran was recited in a single session on Thursday.

The event that saw 200 participants, 100 from each gender, was closely monitored by several clergy, religious tutors and teachers.

Minister Mohamed Haji Aadan Elmi, who closed the session, said he was happy that such a mass recital session of the whole of the Holy Quran at a go was held in Somaliland, which is the second country in the Islamic world to witness such a fete

“I profoundly thank and praise all those who mooted this and organized it. So, too, do I hail the participating youth who were reciting the Holy Quran”, he said and added observably, “I understand such accomplishments have only been done in Gaza hence it is befitting for our own youth to do the same”.

On his part Hon. Buuhane noted the veneration of the session and the esteem it holds within the society and the Islamic cultural tenets.

A prominent clergy and Islamic scholar Sheikh Ismail Abdi Hurre, (Sheikh-Ismail Dheeg), pointed out that reading the Qur’an is “an act of worship in itself and it is even more profound when it done en-masse”.


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