The Pakistani Diaspora Community in Somaliland celebrated their country’s Independence Day in Hargeisa



Somaliland is a peaceful country that enables investors

The Pakistani diaspora community residing in Somaliland celebrated their country’s national Independence Day at Kaah Hotel in Hargeisa on Friday Evening August 2023.

Organized by the community association committee, the ceremony was graced by 150 members from across their community spectrum including professionals – specialists, white-collar and other skilled people such as doctors, teachers, lecturers, engineers, real estate technocrats, mechanics, cooks, painters as well as business owners who invested a variety of SMEs in Somaliland.

They shared congratulatory messages to their fellow citizens and the Government of Pakistan for their Independence Day celebrated on August 14th 2023.

The Chairman of the Pakistani Community in Somaliland, Dr. Anmol Asghar and his deputy, Mr. Share Mohammed Khan as well as other members who spoke on behalf of the different groups their community is organized, delivered speeches at the event.

They thanked the people of Somaliland for their warm welcome and hospitality and stated that their wish and willingness to continue investing and living in Somaliland. All the speakers reiterated that Somaliland is a peaceful country that enables investors to prosper and they noted the peaceful coexistence within Somaliland’s territorial borders.

On the other hand, the community leaders highlighted the challenges faced by investors and foreign workers in the acquisition of vital documents, sponsorships, and visa processes and they requested the Government of Somaliland to remove hindrances to foreign nationals visiting, work, and investing in the country and to improve ease of doing business in Somaliland.

Besides their chairman and vice chairman, the other speakers of the community included

Professor, Maqsood Razi, Mr Mirza Asim, Co-Director of Fortune Paint Somaliland,

Jannisar Shaikh, owner of a decoration company, Mr. Sajid from Daryeel Company, Dr. Muhammad Usman from Gargaar Hospital, Mr. Atif from the Fast-Food Group, and Mr. Tariq Merani from the construction field.

Moreover, the Pakistan Community took this opportunity to call on their government to open consular services in Somaliland. And they wished peace and prosperity for the Republic of Somaliland


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